Plan B Homeschooling

Is homeschooling a “Plan B” for you? Every homeschool family should have a Plan B, but it may not always be one that you resort to. More aptly, it should be one that you start with, and if you already homeschool, it’s always a good time to reassess your plan. Your Plan B should look something like this: Plan B-efore you B-egin to B-e a homeschool family.

There are several personal things to consider before you begin homeschooling, and things to keep in mind as you move through the years in homeschooling. Each child will be different and your family’s needs may change, but have a goal in mind. Start with a family or homeschool vision statement. What is the purpose of your homeschooling, and what do you hope to gain from choosing this method of education? Who do you want your kids to become academically and emotionally? Be sure that you know, so that you can help them develop into the person of character that you desire for them to be.

Next, remember that you will need to be flexible in many ways. If flexibility is hard for you, be cautious about your choice to homeschool. For instance, you will need to be flexible and creative about the ways in which you gain access to extra-curricular or social activities. There are plenty of options out there for homeschooling families, and often more options than families have time to participate in, so be sure to match the extra-curricular events to your goals for your children and your schedules. Not all of the options will ultimately fit your goals. A friend of mine shared a saying with me years ago, and I have never forgotten it. It went, “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not break.” Plan for being flexible, but know the degree to which you can bend schedules and needs before the breaking point gets too close!

Also, know that you may have resistance from others, sadly. However, it is very important to have a supportive team of friends and hopefully family, so surround yourself with those who support your choice to homeschool, and allow time to be your advocate for those who don’t. If you are doing your job well, your children will be learning and growing, thriving in their new learning environment, and they will be the best spokesmen for homeschooling over time. You do not need to win everyone over in the decision stage, but you have an opportunity, and some would say an obligation, to win them over as time goes on. Be sure that you are being diligent in your job, though, or this won’t happen.

Homeschooling should not be taken lightly or without much thought. The job of homeschooling is too encompassing, too robust, and too important to embark on without a serious investment of your time and consideration from a personal level. For many families, it is the answer to their needs, or goals, or concerns but it is not for everyone, so plan well, and start with Plan B!